How to Get Free Netflix Subscription

Netflix, the popular streaming service in the world is celebrating the release of its original film 'The Old Guard' starring Charlize Theron last week. As a part of the celebration, one person can get an 'Immortal Netflix Account'. Going by the small print, this means a free subscription to the service for a whopping 1000 months, which is a little over 83 years

To win the immortal Netflix account, you would like to play the newly launched 'The Old Guard' computer game . it's a browser-based game which will be accessed via this link. It replicates the events shown within the film where you'll be portrayed because the lead character. it's an easy game where the intention to kill a maximum number of enemies with the one-handed Labrys, which may be a gigantic double-bladed axe. And, it's important to avoid getting hit and attack and kill enemies quickly.

How to Get Free Netflix Subscription

 After practicing to play 'The Old Guard' game, you would like to practice the sport for a short time to form sure you're good at an equivalent . And, once you're good at the sport , you only need to post the very best score before the deadline. When the sport is live, it'll be playable only until July 19 and you would like to submit your absolute best score within the deadline. On July 19, the sport is believed to disappear and therefore the best scorer are going to be declared the winner. On scoring the very best , you'll tend 1000 months of free Netflix subscription provided the service is out there until 2103. Probably, it'll even surpass the lifetime of the one that are going to be declared the winner of this contest. However, one notable aspect is that this competition is applicable just for users within the US and not elsewhere. As of now, there's no clarity if the users within the other parts of the planet including India will get an opportunity to urge a free subscription to Netflix anytime soon with the other competition or contest

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