Best Facebook and Instagram Will Soon Remind Users to Wear Masks in 2020

  Best Instagram and Facebook Will Soon Remind Users to Wear Masks in 2020

As Coronavirus cases within the US are rising drastically once more , Facebook has announced new initiatives to combat the disease. the corporate has announced that the Facebook News Feed will soon show a message on top asking users to wear face masks. along side the message, users also will see links to the CDC and Facebook’s COVID-19 information center. What’s more, the change isn’t limited to Facebook. Instagram also will soon show an identical message on top of users’ feeds.

Coronavirus cases within the US have seen a sudden upsurge within the previous couple of days. consistent with reports, the country saw a whopping 50,000 new cases on Wednesday itself.

Facebook, for its part, has largely struggled with Coronavirus misinformation campaigns on the platform. With this new feature, the corporate is trying to point users to trustworthy sources of data about Coronavirus.

The company says that the new notification will start appearing later today. However, it's unclear if the change is merely meant for the US or not. With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down in India also , this prompt might be an honest start line for users to urge Coronavirus related information within the country.

Meanwhile, it’s fairly obvious that you simply should be wearing masks publicly lately . it's going to be slightly less comfortable. However, you’ll be keeping yourself, et al. safe by employing a simple mask. It doesn’t get much easier than that,.

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