Free fire top 5 pro Best tips and tricks.(2020)

Free fire Top 5 pro tips and tricks(2020)

If you also play free fire and want to become a pro player in free fire, then this post is very important for you. Everyone wants to become a pro in Free Fire but can't make it, everyone wants to BOOYAH the game but can't. Whenever and free fire lands on the battle ground, someone kills it. So if you are also one of them, then you should complete this post.

Today I will give you 5 tips and tricks which if you follow it, you will also be able to play well. You will also be able to booyah the game. So let's start.

(1) Everyone does it on zipline in free fire. Zipline does it for him to go immediately. But when everyone climbs in the zipline, then the same pan or katana goes up and when someone sees it in the zipline, it starts firing and when it is damaged, it jumps down and jumps. He also suffers damage and the enemy kills him easily. After jumping from zipline, when he tries to apply glue wall, then the enemy kills him. So whenever you use the zipline, you always use the zipline only with the glue wall. If you do this then whenever you try to kill an enemy, then you can jump and easily install the glue wall and escape from anime. So always keep this in mind whenever you use the zipline, use the glue wall only.

(2) Whenever you enter a house, you enter in this way and sometimes it happens that we enter the house and we do not know that there is a bond in the house and the dam easily kills us gives . So always remember that whenever you enter a house, you should enter it by holding a gun. If you enter by holding the gun, you will be able to kill the dam.

(3) Often everyone uses a banded vehicle to kill more and in such a way starts to use more car. But when everyone uses the vehicle then it goes up and down at a speed and if a dam is in a little open then it kills it easily but some one stays near the house and when it goes to kill it. So he dies because who is in the house and ready to kill and as soon as he gets down from the car, the bandage kills him. So always keep in mind that whenever you climb in a car, climb it by holding the gun because whenever you get out of the car, you will be able to kill the dam easily.

(4) Whenever we fight in the open, then we use the glue wall and sometimes it happens that we have glue wall 1 or 2 go and when we go in the open, the bond starts hitting us. And if we fasten the glued wall, then the dam does not leave us and the glu wall starts to break and if it gives the wire to the glu wall then we run towards some permanent cover and we run away from holding the pan. Looks so that we can run at speed. Often everyone fumes that he starts running after holding the pan and when he gets damaged from behind and gets killed, then don't make the mistake that whenever you run towards the permanent cover, you run away with the gun. The pan becomes backwards and you will not have much damage as the bullet will come from the back side and your pan will not hit your body and you will be saved. So always keep in mind that whenever you run towards the permanent cover then you run away with the gun.

(5) Which is our last tips and in our settings, and then quick reload. This is the tips and is for the beginners, who are the Beginners in the Fei Fire and people do not use it. If you use it, when you kill a band, if your gun's amo goes as much as at once, then the gun starts to reload automatically, but if the gun's amo is at once If the gun does not get reloaded by itself, then if you keep the quick reload setting on, then you will be able to reload by yourself and when you kill the second band, you can easily kill it. .

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